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It’s Your Lawn, It’s Our Talent

Complete Landscape, Inc. provides typical landscape maintenance services like mowing, lawn and hedge trimming, and weed eating. Anyone can do that, right? What makes us special is the special services we offer you to make your commercial and multifamily properties truly stand out. Investing in beautiful landscaping can pay off quickly when you attract tenants willing to pay more for their spaces. There’s no denying beautiful landscapes enhance quality of living. Offer that same quality to your tenants while increasing your property values.

Our clients in the greater Central Texas area enjoy the benefits of beautiful landscapes. We fertilize and offer weed control services for turf, keep trees in top shape, and offer seasonal floral changes. Pest inspection on plants and turf as well as fire ant control are part of our normal maintenance routines. We offer a variety of mulch applications for every tree and plant need.

Although curb appeal is highly important, it’s not the only thing. Your tenants deserve to enjoy scenic landscape on all sides of your property. No matter which way their window faces, give them a view worth paying for. We have the technology to work with out-of-state property owners on design ideas. See what your tenants will see.


We have the technology to work with customers on design ideas. See what your tenants will see. Options include CAD drawings or life-like enhancement pictures. This is a great tool for sharing ideas with out-of-state owners.


Winter doesn’t have to mean bland landscapes. Seasonal plant life, like rye grasses and colorful planter pots with winter-hardy flowers add life and color in the dead of winter. For less maintenance, some clients opt for silk plants inside or out. Our silk plants are so life-like, no one will know they aren’t real.

Extended Services

No Landscape Is Too Difficult For Us To Manage

We have the right equipment to mow and maintain steep land, retention ponds, and other difficult areas.

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